Why Hire a Divorce Lawyer?

Why use a Los Angeles Divorce Attorney?

Traditionally, divorce is neither an easy nor pleasant process. Aside from the countless steps that must be taken in order and meeting many requirements, there is often significant emotional pressure and contention between the two spouses regarding the terms of the divorce, which can result in extended, costly, and unnecessary periods of legal action. During the course of your divorce proceedings you will need to make various decisions, the consequences of which could impact your life for many years to come.

Family Law and Divorce is more complex than you might imagine. In addition to the complexities of the legal procedures the emotional component of a breakup, kids, parents, custody, division of property can lead to additional tension and stress. If not handled smartly, what could be a smooth divorce may turn into a extended nightmare where unnecessary battles erupt over every little detail costing you time, money and unnecessary frustration. Having an experienced Los Angeles divorce lawyer on your side, you can handle your divorce in an affordable, swift manner and come to as smooth an agreement as possible between you and your spouse. No matter if we use divorce mediation, collaborative divorce, or if we go to trial in front of a family law judge, Adam M. Leach has the knowledge and resources to help you and actually save you money in the long run.

Reasons to Hire an Attorney

  • A divorce lawyer should be hired to aid in the process of filing the paperwork.
  • A divorce lawyer is expert at finding, cataloging, and them negotiating the division of the marital assets.
  • A divorce lawyer is expert and will help in the areas of child support, spousal support, and child custody.
  • A divorce lawyer keeps up-to-date with all of the changes of divorce law.

Family Law Attorney Adam M. Leach represent clients throughout Los Angeles County in divorce cases. Mr. Leach has the skill, patience and compassion to effectively help you deal you with such sensitive issues as child support, child custody, property division, alimony, and other sensitive situations.

Those who attempt to “Do-It-Themselves” are missing the “Experience Factor.”

Without an attorney, you will likely have a lesser chance for a favorable outcome in your divorce case. An attorney who routinely represents clients in years and years of previous divorce cases will know what to expect, and will know the best manner in presenting your case to the divorce court. Your attorney will help you devise a strategy that will result in terms that work in your favor, and allow you to pursue a happy and prosperous life in the aftermath of your separation and divorce.

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I am your Los Angeles Family Law Attorney Adam M. Leach, Esq. Every day I have the privilege to meet good people often faced with traumatic financial and emotional devastation caused by the breakup of their family. I represent spouses and partners with high net worth estates as well as parties with limited means. No matter the circumstances or complexity of your assets, I vow to work tirelessly for the best possible outcome. When necessary I can be your tenacious advocate but I am always compassionate and sensitive to the circumstances you find yourself in at this pivotal time in your life. I will do all I can to steer you toward a successful, emotionally-healthy divorce where, when it is all over, if you bump into your ex you can be civil; where if you have children, you can both attend a future wedding and you can treat each other with dignity and respect in front of your children. A non-destructive divorce is possible and should be our united goal if at all possible. No matter the complexities of your financial estate, or no estate at all, I can assure you that working with a compassionate and caring full-time Family Law Attorney will go a long way to finding solutions that make sense... Knowledge is Power and I will share my experience and knowledge with you when you have me partner with you.
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